• Broadcast Graphics

    Broadcast Graphics

    Promotional graphics created in house for the ABC Television network.

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  • DVD Menu Graphics

    DVD Menu Graphics

    Design and animation using Adobe Suite and various 3D programs.

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  • Self-Driving Car Technology

    Self-Driving Car Technology

    Adaptive Mood Control in Semi or Fully Autonomous Vehicles: researcher Mehrdad Nojoumian Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and…

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  • Translating the Heart’s Language

    Translating the Heart’s Language

    Researcher Behnaz Ghoraani, Ph.D. Associate Professor and I-SENSE Fellow. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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  • I-SENSE Video

    I-SENSE Video

    Researcher Jason Hallstrom Ph.D., Professor and Director of the Institute for Sensing and Embedded Network Systems Engineering.

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  • Machines Communicate Autonomously

    Machines Communicate Autonomously

    Researcher Dimitris Pados Ph.D., Professor and I-SENSE Fellow, Charles E. Schmidt Eminent Scholar in Engineering, Director, Center for Connected Autonomy…

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  • Post-Quantum Cryptography

    Post-Quantum Cryptography

    Research on Post-Quantum Cryptography by Reza Azarderakhsh Ph.D., Associate Professor and I-SENSE Fellow.

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  • Mobility Intelligence System

    Mobility Intelligence System

    Explainer video: The city of West Palm Beach and FAU begin a mobility intelligence project.

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  • Telit Video

    Telit Video

    Corporate video created to play at conferences.

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  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    Research on Representation Learning with Yufi Tang Ph.D., Associate Professor & I-SENSE Fellow.

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  • Neuroscience Research

    Neuroscience Research

    Researcher Randy Blakely, Ph.D. is an expert in molecular neuroscience, focusing on how diseases and drugs impact the function of…

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