• 3d MAYA animation

    3d MAYA animation

    3d animated short. Modeling, lighting, textures and animation were all created within MAYA.

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  • Broadcast Graphics

    Broadcast Graphics

    Promotional graphics created in house for the ABC Television network.

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  • DVD Menu Graphics

    DVD Menu Graphics

    These DVD menu graphics were designed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator then animated in Adobe After Effects using elements created in…

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  • DJ Roueche “Sunglasses at Night” mix

    DJ Roueche “Sunglasses at Night

    This video was animated to DJ Roueche's beats and played on large screens in clubs where he performed. Software used Adobe After…

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  • Infographics


    These Infographics were animated in Adobe After Effects using elements created in MAYA. The videos were posted on the Angel…

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  • Television Show Opening Sequence

    Television Show Opening Sequence

    This show open was animated in Adobe After Effects using live footage and graphic elements.

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  • DJ Roueche club graphics

    DJ Roueche club graphics

    This is a 2 minute slice of the hour long video that was created to play in the clubs

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  • How-to video

    How-to video

    This how-to video was animated in After Effects using screen grabs from the device and the Smartphone APP to demonstrate…

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  • Corporate Educational Video

    Corporate Educational Video

    William O'Neil + Co started a web series to educate their customers regarding historically relevant stocks and how the companies rose…

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  • Commercial


    Angel Care Nurse Registry ran this regional 30 second spot through Comcast in South Florida.

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  • Sizzle video

    Sizzle video

    This video was created to play on a monitor display as part of an in-store promotional campaign.

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  • Product Demo Video

    Product Demo Video

    This was created for the company website to demonstrate the Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera as well as the Smartphone…

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