The majority of my work as a motion graphics designer has been at the following entertainment companies in Los Angeles: The ABC Television Network (in-house promo graphics designer/animator), ABC Family, E! Entertainment Network and the WB Network. Following that I spent nearly ten years as a vendor designing and animating SD DVD menu graphics for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and MGM Home Entertainment.

I started out in the world of print working as an art director for an independent film company where I produced key art, packaging and marketing materials. Shortly after that I was freelancing for TEEN magazine doing their advertorials, which included hiring models, photographers, stylists, makeup artists and art directing photo shoots.

Doing motion graphics for DJ’s to use while they perform has been really fun and very creative work. Having hands on experience with so many different aspects of media design has been both challenging and rewarding. This is a dynamic environment where the latest technology combined with creativity facilitates the kind of inspired work both designer and studio seek to produce.

Since moving back to Florida I’ve been working on a wide variety of projects including website design, creating website content, how-to video’s, demo video’s, sales video’s, videography, product photography and retouching. I work with the research division at Florida Atlantic University creating video’s that feature their research and promote their scientists.

Educational videos should be engaging and reach the largest possible audience. I use a combination of video, audio, music, still images, illustration, special effects, sound effects, 2d and 3d graphic elements, creative writing as well as some marketing techniques to produce videos that are enjoyable to watch and easy to understand. I recognize the importance of compelling and engaging graphics as an integral part of the user experience and my designs seek to implement any existing marketing campaign, thus sending a uniformed message in the end product.