Magazine graphic: Atrial Fibrillation research.
Drone footage: early morning in Pompano Beach, Florida
Sensors monitor water health.
2D graphics and animation using Adobe AfterEffects
Drone shoot for FAU Magazine
2D Animation using Adobe After Effects
Magazine artwork: Human Mission to Mars

I create digital content that promotes university research, much of which doesn’t exist in the physical world yet.

I work closely with researchers, engineers and scientists to write scripts that are technically accurate while using storytelling, 2D and 3D animation and digital FX to capture the imagination, provide visual context and be engaging for a broad audience.

My background is rooted in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. I designed and animated promo graphics for The ABC Television Network and created digital campaigns for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

I bring an entertainment skill set to science and technology videos.

I’m a one-stop shop. I write scripts, storyboard, design graphics, shoot video and drone footage, edit, create motion graphics, record and edit audio and deliver a final composited video with music, voice narration and sound design for use in social media, websites, conferences and more.